The new Lathes DMG Mori CLX-550 e CLX-450 are already operative

Preven and technology, an indissoluble pair.

The technical testing phase has just been completed and the two new Dmg Mori Clx 550 and 450 CNC lathes are already fully operational.

We have carefully selected these two new machines, Dmg CLX 550 and 450, to complement the lathes already present in our factories, to further increase our production capacity, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Thanks to their arrival, Preven will be able to perform the mechanical processing of each component with extreme precision and speed, reducing, on the whole, the delivery times of the finished products.

A sort of insurance for all our customers, present and future, to once again highlight two key factors for Preven when it comes to production and its evolution: technology and know-how.

Technology: we constantly invest in the best technology available today on the market in terms of CNC machines and not just following a precise multi-year purchasing plan.

Know-how: we have internalized technical and cognitive skills, parts of our corporate culture, such as to enable us to create products on demand, following internally all phases, from designing, to assembly and final testing.

Technology and know-how, for Preven, two sides of the same coin, to be and remain one of the world’s top pick companies in the blow molding sector.

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