Our Services


The prototype service is taken into wide consideration inside the Preven production logic pull type: every order starts from a specific request, a need evidenced by customer, often new….

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Our crucial point is our R&D division from which all our activities arise. All design steps are always based on our awareness about our capacity of supplying the right product for the customer need…

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After Sale

Our Company philosophy, customer oriented, put the customer to be the centre of our attention since the enquiry phase, which is the strategic focus on first goals to be reached together….

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Knowledge, Experience, Reliability are the three elements which are representing our capacity of serving you in the best possible way and worldwide by planning times. We use our experience for a refurbishing…

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Polishing and Welding

Technologically advanced equipment, quality and precision: a point of reference for the supply of mold polishing, laser welding, mold maintenance and repair services.

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