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Technological for nature…

Thanks to our Knowledge & Experience we are able to provide integrated and flexible solutions.

The best Technology at your needs

The progress of the electro-mechanical, process catalyst.

Technology and innovation for Preven are an important and indissoluble union, which represents both nature and vocation.

The future scenario challenges of blow molding touches on one side the three strategic areas for the evolution of production, Flexibility, Sustainability, Connectivity – on the other, some complementary and necessary areas for this evolutionary process – such as the World of Services (prototyping , Design, review and post-sales), and, as a cross-section, the progress of electro-mechanical as an enabling factor and process catalyst.

Thanks to the Knowledge & Experience accumulated in over half a century of activity, the current presence in its business areas, the use of state-of-the-art technologies for the industry, Preven is able to provide integrated and flexible technology solutions.

Understand in advance the issues that customers face in designing, developing, and implementing a product; To help build a balanced and sustainable relationship between internal production and the external environment through the use of electricity from renewable sources; to communicate the machinery fleet with central and peripheral computer networks to optimize and make the system more efficient, be able to perform CNC machining on 4 and 5 axes at a speed of 20,000 RPM: facing such challenges Complex knowledge is a decisive answer.

A selection of cutting-edge CNC technologies such as Mazak, Charmilles Technologies, C.B Ferrari, contribute to making Preven a strategic driver, a reference point for the entire blow molding industry worldwide.

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