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The Customer, center of our attention

The co-engineering processes are the best solution to obtain high value products.

We are Customer;Oriented

Our actions are for your satisfaction

Our Company philosophy, customer oriented, put the customer to be the centre of our attention since the enquiry phase, which is the strategic focus on first goals to be reached together.

Grace to his flexible structure, Preven is able to supply any kind of spare parts and after-sales services in short time. We can answer to all your requests and, in case of necessity, we can send skilled technicians for technical interventions or maintenance services at your premises.

The active participation of the customer in design phases is required when the product is complicated, Often the co-engineering processes are the best solution to obtain high-tech products able to fully satisfy needs in short times.

Also Testing and production phases are including the customer participation, he is an active “actor” inside the virtuous communication process that generates new know-how and new knowledge, which should not be exhausted, as it would be to think, at the time of delivery, but continues with after-sale services.

These services consolidate a short period relationship transforming it in long term one with high levels of transparency and of customer satisfaction, increasing the knowledge of both of us.

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