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A family story of passion and tradition, where competence and reliability meet innovation every day, since 1968.


The Establishment

Preven was established in 1968 from Fidenzio Venturi’s dedication and passion for mechanics.


The Partnership

Preven entered into close collaboration with the historic Automa Spa, a Bologna-based manufacturer of extrusion blow molding (EBM) and injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) machines, becoming the exclusive supplier of extrusion heads and blow molds.


Preven launched an important renovation project.

An important global expansion project of the company was launched thanks to the experience of Fidenzio, and to the energy and skills of his sons Matteo and Jacopo, who collaborated on a permanent basis in the company, with the aim of offering the blow molding sector with its own line of extrusion heads and molds adaptable to all models of EBM and ISBM machines on the market.

Matteo Venturi, Mechanical engineer, for the technical sectort

Jacopo Venturi, Management engineer, for the commercial
and organisational sector


50 years of activity

Preven made itself known both in Italy and abroad by participating in the main trade fairs and in 2018 the company celebrated 50 years of activity.

To improve and increase the level of service to an ever wider clientèle, in 2019 Preven acquired the company Maas, a leading Bolognese company in the mold polishing and laser welding sector.


The expansion

Preven grew to the extent of needing a larger space. Thus, in 2021, the construction of the new 3,400 sqm factory began in which all the company divisions were brought together.

In the same year the founder Fidenzio died. In 2023 the move to the new headquarters took place, a step that was considered not a point of arrival, but a starting point, for new ideas, new products, new projects.

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