Moulds for one step moulds injection stretch blow machines (ISBM) – ASB Nissei, AOKI, MAGIC MP, AUTOMA/SIPA



Preforma Design

Our technical office team studies and analyses the bottle “geometry” to desgin the ideal preform for this “one step” technologhy.

100% Made in Italy

We design, manufacture and assemble all the components of our mould rigorously in our production plants in Italy thanks to the help of highly skilled staff.

Mould Testing

Thanks to the support of skilled technicians, for our products, on request, we provide for start up operations on site; further we can also test moulds on ISBM machines we have available in loco, before mould shipment.

Only Italian Moulds…

We manufacture moulds to be used on main machine brands now on the market.

Injection – stretch – blow for ISBM machines

Preform design…where everything starts…

Our injection – stretch – blow moulds are designed to be used on main brands of ISBM machines on the market, like: ASB Nissei, Aoki, Magic MP, Automa, Sipa able to produce plastic containers having as main features:

  • High quality
  • High efficiency
  • Wide range of use

Our expereince in this specific technology and process allows us to assist customers in every steps of product development.

Our skilled people, our tooling machines, our selected high quality materials together with our cutting-edge software, they are all decisive elements to obtain a constant excellent product and service.

Our technicians will drive customers, step by step, from the mould installation on the machine up to the optimizing of the process passing through all necessary tests.

All the mould components are made and assembled inside our Italian factory by high skilled operators. That assures elevate quality standard for a 100% made in Italy product.

One Step


Depending upon the customer need we design hot runners that can be with thermal gates or shut-off valve.

The plastic flow inside the hot channels is analysed and balanced by the use of specific software.

The cold parts, with high technological know-how, part of the injection mould, like lip cavities and the injection cavities, are designed and produced in Preven facilities in Italy.


The conditioning station (not presents in the Aoki machines) is carefully studied by our engineers to assure the right profiles to pots and to conditioning cores.

Everything is designed and manufactured to guarantee the correct thermal profile to the preform ready for the blowing station.


For the blowing design we have to take into consideration, further to the container shape also the production necessities of the customer.

For obtaining the maximum cavitation we manufacture the blowing cavities in one unique block, if the necessity is to reach the maximum flexibility we manufacture the blowing mould in single removable cavities by which customers can produce different shapes starting from the same preform. Parting line frontal or lateral; narrow or wide mouth nech, lost head “dome“.

All blowing cavities are wholly manufactured in Preven facilities to be sure they reach high quality standards to be, then, mirror polished.


Training is the natural extension to the customer side of our key concepts : Knowledge, Experience, Reliability.

It is a new moment in which we put our know-how at the customer service to satisfy his need for outsourcing knowledge but also, for us, to reach our goal of customer satisfaction.

During training our technical team will follow you, step by step, in the assembling, starting-up and testing of the new mould directly on your ISBM machine, up to the best possible set up.

Training is a topical step for finding the best performance of the new production line: absolute quality, every detail cannot be ignored.

It will also allow the customer to dramatically reduce the operating costs of the new configuration by improving its productivity.

Training can be carried out either at Preven or at the customer plant, as needed.

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