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Maintenance and Overhauling of Heads & Moulds

Knowledge, Experience, Reliability, to assist you in the best way possible.

We get Heads;Moulds ready to Run…

Our experience to achieve top refurbishments

Knowledge, Experience, Reliability are the three elements which are representing our capacity of serving you in the best possible way and worldwide by planning times.

We use our experience for a refurbishing service of top series, for heads and moulds transforming them in “almost new”.

On request we can provide for a maintenance service at customer plant by which of programmed technical interventions. Our technicians will act directly on the customer machine.

We can do the overhauling or maintenance operations directly in our site, It will be our care to carefully plan times and delivery methods.

Over half a century of activity allows us to make complex refurbishments on accumulator heads up to 6 kg. capacity, extrusion heads, ISBM moulds also produced by third parties, bringing them back to their original state, just like our products.

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