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For the testing of all productive phases and reporting about them

High strandards Ethical;Quality

of Products & Processes

As leader in the plastic material and Blow moulding Industry, Preven is acting using the most elevated ethical and high-quality standard (ISP 9001.2008)…

The respect of these standard is documented in our Quality Managing System, that create a really value for our customers.
Equipped with a division for quality control with state-of-the-art equipment and software, Preven has implemented a policy that focuses on customer needs.

In doing so, the company is committed to design, manufacture and deliver products and services that will be a benchmark in this field.

The Preven Quality Management System, is composed by procedures, guidelines and protocols for assuring the highest quality standards of the products made and their improvement in becoming involved in processes.

This pursuit of quality research is present in each part of our organization at every level by defining sub functional quality objectives; their achievement is constantly measured with appropriate performance indicators.

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