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We do not want to built castles in the sky, all our proposals must have full sense.

Prototype is Customer;Satisfaction

We are an integral part of the Value Chain of the Customer

The prototype service is taken into wide consideration inside the Preven production logic pull type: every order starts from a specific request, a need evidenced by customer, often new.

Our goal is to supply the customer with the best product, the most appropriate for his exigences, like a taylor made suit, Il nostro obiettivo è quello di fornire al cliente il prodotto migliore, più adatto alle sue esigenze, una sorta di abito su misura, one of a kind.

Before starting the mould construction when the project is particularly complex we play our ace card, the prototype, by which we reduce the mistake possibility.

We must be 101% sure our mould has a sense for the customer, it must be Feasible and producible, it must be compatible with his technology, with the possibility to be duplicated in the future, New products and new processes must be considered as a single matter.

With the precious support of the prototype, of the sophisticated 3D software, of the intervention of our engineers, we are able to quickly obtain a plastic bottle sample. Without this method, the mould production would be for our customer the same as a step into the unknown.

Grace to the prototype obtained directly from the 3D drawing, customer can see how the bottle will be produced (checking the cap leaking, the label position) before having the new mould launched into production, but always in time to ask for modifications, if necessary,

In the general view of lean production the prototype service is an integral part of the Value Chain of the Customer.

Grace to this double operation customer has the maximum advantage in the process efficiency , in the lead time optimization and also in the return on investment (ROI).

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