Delivered a 3 cavity injection-stretch blow moulding mold for Automa NSB 50 S

Supplied a 3 cav. mould  for bottles of 1750 cc  for the food industry, designed to avoid undercut in the patch zone.


Delivered a 6 Mold Cavities for PET Bottles for an ISBM, Injection-stretch blow moulding machine

Delivered to a multinational company for a site located in Africa, a mold for an injection blow molding machine (one step) to produce PET bottles for the cosmetic industry. The requests regarding the construction of single-stage molds are constantly growing at the Preven plants in Italy and represent our core business. PREFORMA DESIGN To give greater efficiency to the process

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Realization Blow Molding ISBM 6 cavities for Automa NSB-50

We have just completed the delivery for AFRICAN customer of a 6 cavity injection molding machine for the injection molding machine (one step) Automa NSB 50 to be used for the production of PET bottles for the cosmetics sector. The requests concerning the production of single-stage molds, not only for Automa machines, but also for Aoki, Nissei-ASB, Magic machines are

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5 Cavity Mold Wide Mouth Jar Realization

We have just delivered for a major North American customer a 5-cavity mold for a blow molding injection machine (one step) to be used for the production of PET bottles in the food industry. Regarding the order, the mold has the peculiarity of being used for the new Stevia sweetener. Preform design The client provided us with the 3D-scale project

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