Thank you very much for your presence

Thank you very much for being present on Saturday 8 September 2018 at our party.

It was exciting for us at Preven, reading among the looks of Fidenzio, Matteo, Jacopo, Daniela, seeing you all gathered together, our Clients, our Employees, our Suppliers, the institutional representatives of CNA, the Councilor of Monte San Pietro, together, to celebrate our 50th anniversary. An honour.

A playful evening, flew away as fleeting as all the beautiful moments, sober, but of substance, like Preven style, which will remain in the heart, in memory, and that made us proud for having, you all, granted the opportunity to achieve this important result.

A Result, not a goal.

A moment of reflection, deserved, full of breath, of conviviality, we do not often do it, to recover precious energies, think and re-launch our gaze, with more vigor, towards new, ambitious challenges, knowledge.

We have all the right credentials to play as protagonists, a fantastic team, a management strongly oriented to growth, aware that what we have done in this half century of history is only the new starting point.

Knowledge Beyond Tomorrow



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