An increasing number of bottle and tank manufacturers are using PCR material which is used both for single-layer containers, but especially for multi-layer ones. In fact, in the last two years the requests for multilayer heads have increased substantially from the manufacturers we serve, in addition to a series of requests from bottle manufacturers to transform existing single-layer blow moulding machines into COEX.

Our COEX heads are able to guarantee an excellent distribution and uniformity of the layers, obtaining an excellent process for both HDPE and HMWPE plastics and also for “barrier” and “adhesive” materials in the case of COEX 4 layers and more.

Our COEX heads are adaptable to all blow moulding machine models on the market, such as Magic, Plastiblow, Meccanoplastica, Bekum, Automa by Magic, etc.

For our COEX heads, on request, we supply the complete group of vertical extruders and, if necessary, the additional electrical panel (usually in case of retrofit)

Here are three multilayer heads, among the latest supplied:

2-100-250  COEX3 stripe version (to be able to produce containers with the visy-line)

6-70-120 COEX3

4-70-160 COEX3

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